Some chinese characters

I have always had some interest in the Asian culture and the Chinese language. But until this year, I haven’t taken a mandarin class while I am learning about China’s culture and some traditions.

One thing that impresses me is the way you can create words in this language. There are six ways to do it, but the easiest way, and for me the most interesting path to create it, is to turn back the symbol which we are talking about.

For example, the word sun. We take the first version, the sun, and then, we can look the evolution until now, when most of the Chinese characters are like a square or  more stiff.

I have created an easy explanation about this option, however, there are more possibilities to picture it. I hope you enjoy it!

Pd: Thanks to Junmin Park, he helped me a lot with this graphic. He has had too much patience to correct it and time to explain me the meaning of some Chinese characters, the way to interpret them and the six options to create a character that I have talked before.


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