Running the #GreatBirminghamRun on Twitter

The Birmingham Half Marathon has been a success today! About 20,000 people have taken part and raised thousand of pounds for worthy causes. This event, more known as the Great Birmingham Run, has been also a tide of tweets sharing photos and videos by media and users throughout the day via the following hashtag: #GreatBirminghamRun

I have used TAGS to see people’s tweets with this hashtag and their interactions and shareable links. Here you can see the spreadsheet which compiles data from yesterday until this evening. Nevertheless, it’s updating every hour automatically.

This template, accessible for everyone on TAGS website, has an option to run the data as an interactive visualisation with TAGSExplorer or TAGS Archive.

This first one is breathtaking, where you can see this interactivity with all the users, their connections and their tweets. The following images are screenshot but you can play with all the gathered data and discover social media of this brummie marathon on this link.

GreatBirminghamRun tag



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