Hands and tools for YOUR best idea

Tired of coming up with a great story or idea and don’t know how to visualise it? Are you different from your competitors or colleagues and you want to demonstrate it?


In a routine with too much data on our hands and computer it’s not easy to gather what you want and find the best way to communicate it. Therefore, I would like to develop my own company offering three main services:

1. Infographics

2. Motion graphics

3. Data visualisations

I would offer a personal service to each client depending on their request. So there would be the full service (from gathering data, compelling, cleaning to visualising a story) or offering a result on the best platform with provided data.

KEY ACTIVITIES: Software development to solve problems or barriers. I will need a platform management, service provisioning and platform promotion.

VALUE PROPOSITION: Offer infographics, motion graphics and data visualisation for different platforms and devices.

CUSTOMER SEGMENTS: I am still trying to define my customer segments because I am not sure where I would set up this company, if Birmingham or Barcelona. Depending on the city case studies I will se my competitors and if where is a better gap in the market.

So forget about struggling with numbers, projects, presentations and data and let me be your hands and tools for your best idea!visualisation


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