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Data Newsroom, Key for the Spanish Media

Spanish media does not need to wait any longer to keep their websites updated with data visualisations from breaking news or stories in advance. We help your company achieve your goal of creating digital content.

An enthusiastic team of journalists has created Data Newsroom, a Data Journalism agency in Barcelona.

After working as a visual journalist for Catalan newspapers such as La Vanguardia, l’Esportiu de Catalunya and El Punt Avui, I have decided to leave the newsroom without losing sight of journalism. 

Our multidisciplinary team of journalists specialise in online content, design and programming. We help your company bring data journalism to the Spanish media.

spain  Why Spain?

Due to a lack of transparency law and online content priority, data journalism is not a common practise in Spain. Therefore, few journalists have taken steps to gather online data and present it interactively. For more information about data journalism in Spain, read an earlier post on this blog.

Currently, there are a few creative agencies that offer similar services to private and public companies in Barcelona. However, we are the first to create data for the media.

What will Data Newsroom bring to your workplace?

  • Newness: the first Data Journalism company in Barcelona.
  • Getting the job done: no more platforms, data collection or deadlines. We provide better results and no worries.
  • Accessibility: select the story and visualisation best suited to your needs from an array of choices; embed it to your website without difficulty.
  • Cost-reduction: no in-house designers, programmers or experts necessary.

customer  Who are our customers?

Our primary client is the media. We achieve a strong online presence at a reasonable price.

We offer an interactive visualisations package with trending news and fact-finding stories. How does it work? Each day, our agency sends a selection of releases that can be ‘chosen and embedded’ into the website. All these reports will be updated periodically to facilitate easy tracking by its audience.

Newspapers benefit the most from our services. They must convey numberless news through various channels. For this reason, we encourage all 23 active newspapers in Barcelona to access our releases and quickly reach their audience.

In the future, Data Newsroom seeks to spread outside the newsroom into private and public companies that aim to visualise stories from a journalistic approach.

canal  How will we deliver our product?

We focus on the online market, and we will send our services through the internet. Our products are cloud-based, and they will be periodically sent and updated to each subscribed newspaper, magazine, radio and other media forms.

All stories are presented in different formats so they can be embedded into several platforms. We believe that some reports are suitable for desktops while others might work better on mobile phones or tablets.

Beginning with a marketing campaign on social media, we will reach several networks throughout the city. We expect to receive feedback from professionals and potential clients attending yearly workshops and events Barcelona.

money  Will it be expensive?

Not at all. Our structure distributes content to several platforms, conveniently adapted to our customers’ needs. This assures costs are kept down and the product is specifically tailored to each of our clients.

We will work with subscription fees: clients pay a specified price for an interactive package, with an unlimited number of pieces and periodic updates.

Below is a visual representation of what we offer and how we work:

data newsroom

You gain nothing but benefits from our services. We look for better journalism practices in a country where data journalism is fighting to have a voice. Our team members have worked as journalists. We know the importance of finding excellent stories and dealing with deadlines.  

For all these reasons, Data Newsroom is a disruptive company in the field. Stop wasting time struggling with deadlines, financial costs and monotonous websites. Contact us today!

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