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IIBS: Best visualisation 2015 doesn’t use a computer

David McCandless announced the winners of the fourth Kantar Information is Beautiful (IIBS) Awards last Wednesday in London.

Projects were submitted into 13 different categories: Data VisualizationInfographicInteractive VisualizationMotion InfographicFree ToolDataviz WebsiteData JournalismDataviz ProjectMini-visualizationCommercial Studio, Commercial Client Project, Internal Business Project.

Other awards given during the event went to Best Team, Individual Achievement, Student, Community Vote and the Most Beautiful award.

Below is a map with all the winners’ location and awards:Tweet this

Breathtaking visualisations were shown during the awards [Tweet this!] :

The Fallen by Neil Halloran, a short film produced with data about war and peace during the World War II

A World of Languages by Alberto Lucas López, an infographic with the language around the world and how many citizens speak them.

German Unification by Christian Bangel, Paul Blickle, Lisa Borgenheimer, Fabian Mohr, Julian Stahnke and Sascha Venohr, published by Zeit Online. Statistics about east Germany’s legacy.

However, the winner of the night was Dear Data. Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec from New York and London have been drawing and sending data postcards across the continents during 52 weeks.

Dear Data is an example of  a beautiful data visualisation without computer needed. The power of a traditional hand draw plus a detailed process of gathering information is more than enough to create a perfect piece of visual information.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 23.33.49


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