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3 great websites to follow for data visualisation projects

This month I have been looking for sources that share good data journalism and data visualisation projects. Below I list three websites to look for other people’s work in this field:

1. Visual Loop

Brought by Infogram, it is a digital environment that collects infographics and data visualisations portfolios.

There are plenty of resources, guest posts and interviews with people from different areas such as information design, cartography or visual journalism.

This example is from the BBC, who created a storytelling for their audience as if they were a Syrian refugee beginning their journey to Europe.


2. Flowing data

This website created by Nathan Yau gathers examples of how statisticians, designers, data scientists, and other experts analyse, understand and visualise data.

This example from Bloomberg Business shows who marries whom according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey.


3. Visualising data

This website is run by Andy Kirk, a UK-based freelance in data visualisation. Every month he collects the most thought-provoking data visualisation websites and projects in a post.

The last list is from December and shows, among others, an interesting visual and data analytic exploration in tennis. This interactive depicts the relationship between performance and popularity.



Do you have any other examples? Let me know in the comments


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