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Malofiej 24: It’s time for datavis journalists

Pamplona (Spain) will gather visual journalists from around the world within the Malofiej Awards, the professional workshop ‘Show Don’t Tell’ and the Infographics World Summit.

From March 6-11,2016 Malofiej 24. It’s time! will be held at the University of Navarra. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.40.39

Show Don’t Tell -workshop

From Monday to Wednesday, some professionals will share their knowledge and experience with other journalists.

John Grimwade has his own business and produces infographics for many newspapers, magazines and other clients. He also teaches Infographics in the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University.

In 2012, he received the Alejandro Malofiej’s Award for his contribution at the Malofiej and as Director of Infographics at Condé Nast Traveler (USA).

Xaquín González heads the Guardian Visuals, a cross-disciplinary desk of graphics, interactive, multimedia and picture editors at The Guardian.

This interactive project shows how London has become one of the most expensive cities in the world to be a tenant:



The Infographics World Summit-speakers

From Thursday to Friday, 16 speakers and lecturers will share their work and thoughts on infographics, data journalism and data visualisation. Some examples are:

Alberto Cairo will present his last book The Truthful Art. He will focus on what he didn’t know about infographics ten years ago – and he should have.

Read more about this book on a previous post or about Cairo’s point of view on data journalism.

Raul Camañas. Infographer at La Vanguardia will talk about infographics as a challenge.

This previous work from Raul won a bronze medal in the 21st edition of the Malofiej:


This image was first posted here

Archie Tse. Deputy Graphics Director at The New York Times produces graphics and interactives for both the website and print edition. His talk will be around why they are currently doing fewer interactives.

An example of his work is It is Better to Rent or Buy? Some interactive graphics that can help to make a choice between buying a home and renting one:


Look the full list of speakers here.

The Malofiej takes place every year and invites professionals from newspapers, magazines, syndicates, agencies, infographic services providers, books, blogs and other infographics distribution channels to share their knowledge and skills with other colleagues.

John Grimwade wrote these words some time ago:

“You must attend Malofiej at least once in your life”

It’s a great opportunity to look at other people’s work and meet professionals from the same field. I attended Malofiej in 2013 and it was a thought-provoking experience.



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