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9 headlines on breaking news and reaching audiences from the ReThinkMedia

How is breaking news shaping the media’s agenda and how should journalists engage with the audience? At RethinkMedia on Wednesday, experts shared their strategies for presenting news and reaching audiences without losing quality.

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My first steps into data journalism and datavis

As part of my Online Journalism MA, I have been investigating data journalism users and data visualisation pieces from inside and outside newsrooms.

In this post, I summarise the main points throughout this learning that might help future beginners in this field.

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3 good data journalism pieces shared on NICAR-ESP-L

For the last three months, I have been following projects shared on NICAR-ESP-L, a mailing list where journalists debate about data journalism (tip: subscribe to it if you are a Spanish speaker interested in this field!).

There have been some fascinating reports based on broad issues such as following the money, women presence and corruption.

Below are 3 good pieces that caught my eye. These data journalism teams have been tackling general issues from different points of view, gathering data from several sources and making the information more accessible to the audience:

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Find the best datavis users and pieces on Twitter

This post is for people who are curious about data journalism and data visualisation. Since my last year of university (2011), I have been interested in infographics, data and visualisations. However, for the last six months, I have been trying to discover professionals and communities in this field.

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3 good data visualisations on economic issues

Numbers and financial information are not easy to display and some visualisations can lead to confusions or misinterpretations.

Jeff Leek gathers in his book The Elements of Data Analytic Style (2015) some words from John Tukey, one of the most innovative data scientists:

“The data may not contain the answer. The combination of some data and aching desire for an answer does not ensure that a reasonable answer can be extracted from a given body of data”.

Alberto Cairo talks about a lack of reasoning in his last book The Truthful Art. On a previous post he said:

“We are surrounded by numbers, statistics, and scientific publications; and sometimes journalists publish huge barbarities.”

Below I have gathered three good examples when it comes to explaining and visualising complex data on economics issues:

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How to: extract data from a website using


Sometimes data is not wrapped up in a PDF or XLS file, but there is a need to scrap this information from a URL and store it in a spreadsheet.

In this post, I will explain how to extract data from websites using This source allows the user to download data as spreadsheets, raw JSON or directly into the system via their API.

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