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126 graphics that explain 7 months of my life

After seven months, I will stop publishing My #brummie daily graphic on Instagram. The challenge, explained in this previous post, was to come up with a picture, a graphic or both to visually summarise my days while studying Online Journalism at Birmingham City University.

I posted 126 pictures from October until May. Throughout these months, my Instagram account had a post almost every day. However, this regularity started to disappear due to the lack of interactivity and publishing when combining photos and charts.

I have been storing these posts in a spreadsheet with the Instagram URL and the description. After that, I have been assigning a general topic to each publication.

Hint: Instagram posts can easily be stored with an IFTTT recipe that synchronises the Instagram account with Google spreadsheets: a new row is created when a picture under a specific hashtag is published.

After analysing the posts, it was not surprising that data journalism or media were repeated topics and hashtags throughout these months. However, it shocked me that I posted more pictures about Christmas shoppings and decorations than beers, friends or my addiction to social media. Use the graphic below to see what other themes were going on in my mind:

My photo map: BHX-BCN-GRO-HEL


I geotagged 92 pictures out of 126. This map shows that My #brummie daily graphic travelled from Birmingham (73 pictures) to Spain (Barcelona and Girona – 18) and Finland (Helsinki-1).

7 steps before posting on Instagram

  1. Pictures were taken with my mobile phone (LG G2)
  2. These were uploaded to a folder on Google Drive
  3. I created a template on Illustrator to combine both images and graphics
  4. The file was saved as a pdf (a JPEG or PNG was not fitting into the Instagram canvas)
  5. I was sent to my email account
  6. The picture was downloaded on my phone
  7. After taking a screenshot, I could upload it on Instagram and post it

5 things that I learned 

1. Integrating pictures with other visual elements on Instagram is difficult due to the lack of interactivity and publishing options

2. Sorting 24 hours into several categories was difficult. I created general tags such as Online Journalism MA, tourism, sleeping, data journalism, etc to make pictures less boring and easier to understand

3. Colours, beer and people are key to keep your followers´attention

4. Adhering to a style on your pictures results to having your own audience, who expect the posts and keep an eye on your work

5. Emojis can be used as a hashtag… and they rock!

Data, beers, weather, creativity and fun

15% of the posts on Data Journalism

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the pictures were taken at Birmingham City University around the modules, workshops or projects. Specifically, 18 posts were related to data, journalism and visualisations:



Beers to relieve the hard work

The weather, of course

You cannot live as a British citizen if you don´t talk about the weather. After a few months, I was becoming one of them (always complaining about the rain and missing the 🌞).


Creativity: integrating graphic and picture

A nice challenge was to place the graphic inside the picture without presenting two different elements:


Above all, fun!

It was hard sometimes to categorise the activities or visualise the day without a bar or pie chart. But sometimes the solution was to laugh and remember that it was a lab project to explore the platform and reach new audiences.


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