5 takeaways from #MWC19

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year has mainly focused on 5G and how Artificial Intelligence can be applied to image recognition (mainly food) or voice recognition (sounds, voices, etc).

Below 5 takeaways from this year’s edition that can give an overview of what is on big companies’ table.

1. Image recognition to identify calories and user data 

Food is one of the main attractive areas to apply technology and Artificial Intelligence has been trying to play a big role on the latest editions. This year again, several stands have presented several projects on identifying recipes and calories through images and users personalisation.

Doing Lab uses Artificial Intelligence to calculate location, type and calories of food at once by taking photographs and perform a user-specific analysis. They claim to have achieved a high recognition rate of over 90%:

2. Ears for Artificial Intelligence: Understanding the meaning of sounds

Currently, Alexa and Google Home are struggling on recognising specific human voices and sounds. Imagine developing a voice skills that would be able to identify if your baby is crying and the reason of it, or if your dog is barking amongst other sounds.

These voice devices are not only focused on delivering the weather prediction, setting up alarms or delivering breaking news, but can also add a valuable hands-free experience.

The below company,, is a research-based company that has built an Artificial Intelligence system that can understand the meaning of sounds, just like humans.

3. Facial Recognition to identify consumers’ reaction to new products

Facial Recognition has been mostly applied to security use cases such as to identify specific people and attributes that are allowed / not allowed to enter a stadium, company or building.

The below company, Herta Security,  can also use facial recognition to see how consumers behave when finding a new product on the supermarket shelving:

4. AWS shared some statistics: Voice still has space to grow 

Amazon shared basic slides and insights on Alexa’s development phase and how this device has a place in almost every home. Although they did not share their roadmap, Alexa is more than a hands-free experience, but a way to interact with friends, family and go with you on every micro and macro moment.

Below some statistics shared during a couple of presentations:

5. Rich Communication Services (RCS) as an alternative for chatbot discovery 

One of the most identified issues with chatbots is discovery and customer engagement. RCS, with richer text messages, phonebook polling and in-call multimedia, replaced SMS messages and can be a parallel door to chatbots on Facebook Messenger that are starting to be felt as spamming or intrusive.


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