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10 takeaways from the 2020 USA Marathon event

If you only had 5 minutes to pitch about the US Presidential elections, what would you say?

On Tuesday, Ideograma invited 20 professionals on political communication to share main ideas on a 100 minutes marathon. From guessing who will be the winning candidate, the current use of social media, women candidates racing to the White house to a short bio of each politician, all speakers shared different insights from these upcoming elections.


Below 10 takeaways that you might find useful if you have little knowledge on next year’s elections:

1. It’s not new that the current president is quite polemic. With Trump chasing re-election, the number of politicians aiming to replace him is pretty high (compared to former elections). This is what U.S. Consul General in Barcelona shared on the introduction of this event:

2. We need to understand the public opinion and don’t rely only on surveys. How can we do that? Below 6 must-to-know activities:

3. Politicians are shifting their language to be more warlike and abusive. The alt-right for instance is using the language of political incorrectness. Do you want to get a master’s in it? Read the decalogue below:

4. Yes, image counts:

5. Elizabeth Warren has been sometimes criticised for being a Wine Track Candidate. In the US, choosing wine or beer means elections:

5. Can a woman be elected president? Here money and power are more important than gender:

6. If you want to know who will win, ask the American Catholics. Since 1932, they have voted for the winning candidate:

7. Facebook is trying to regain its leadership on transparency while candidates are using Facebook ads:

8. Find the ghost candidate that might win the 2028 Elections. Her profile is pretty similar to Trump’s:

9.Politicians now generate information and news rather than just being part or protagonist of it:

10. Elizabeth Warren was the top bet from the speakers to run the race with Trump. However, it is not clear that she will be the winner:


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