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“I tried to deal with numbers as professional as I could. But behind these, there were people, and I couldn’t run away from it” says Ferran Morales

What should we ask to the data? What is data telling us? And what is actually not telling?


Ferran Morales showing infographics from Zainab’ story

Ferran Morales, data journalist and graphic designer at El Mundo Deportivo, explains his challenge on processing refugees data to map The story of Zainab, an 11 years-old Syrian refugee girl and her family that had to leave their home because of the war in 2011.

This project was created by a group of people from Media Lab Prado under the Visualizar 2017, a workshop for prototyping data visualisation projects.

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data, data journalism, data visualization, infographic, journalism

What I learned on misleading data and visualizations at Alberto Cairo’s #visualTrumpery event

Trumpery is not linked to a famous politician. It means something flashy or beautiful, but without content. This is how Doctor Alberto Cairo started his talk in Barcelona last Friday on data visualizations and the challenge of truthful information.

Below 5 takeaways from the event to data journalists on their attitude towards teaching the audience to properly interprete graphs and visualizations:

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126 graphics that explain 7 months of my life

After seven months, I will stop publishing My #brummie daily graphic on Instagram. The challenge, explained in this previous post, was to come up with a picture, a graphic or both to visually summarise my days while studying Online Journalism at Birmingham City University.

I posted 126 pictures from October until May. Throughout these months, my Instagram account had a post almost every day. However, this regularity started to disappear due to the lack of interactivity and publishing when combining photos and charts.

I have been storing these posts in a spreadsheet with the Instagram URL and the description. After that, I have been assigning a general topic to each publication.

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What I learned at Jan Willem Tulp’s workshop at the NODA16

Lacking data visualisation design skills can lead to distorted data and prioritising aesthetics before information. For this reason, Jan Willem Tulp organised a data visualisation design workshop at NODA and Tutki! 2016, a joint conference held last weekend in Helsinki.

Tulp’s workshop focused on improving the visual literacy in order to critically evaluate our and other people’s work. Below are five takeaways to keep in mind when designing a data visualisation:

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3 good data visualisations on economic issues

Numbers and financial information are not easy to display and some visualisations can lead to confusions or misinterpretations.

Jeff Leek gathers in his book The Elements of Data Analytic Style (2015) some words from John Tukey, one of the most innovative data scientists:

“The data may not contain the answer. The combination of some data and aching desire for an answer does not ensure that a reasonable answer can be extracted from a given body of data”.

Alberto Cairo talks about a lack of reasoning in his last book The Truthful Art. On a previous post he said:

“We are surrounded by numbers, statistics, and scientific publications; and sometimes journalists publish huge¬†barbarities.”

Below I have gathered three good examples when it comes to explaining and visualising complex data on economics issues:

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Malofiej 24: It’s time for datavis journalists

Pamplona (Spain) will gather visual journalists from around the world within the Malofiej Awards,¬†the professional workshop ‘Show Don’t Tell’ and the Infographics¬†World Summit.

From March 6-11,2016 Malofiej 24. It’s time!¬†will be held¬†at the University of Navarra.¬†

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.40.39

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