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[MUSIC MAP] My summer through Instagram pictures and Spotify songs

I have been experimenting with Instagram, again. This time, I have established a relationship between a picture of the day and a song recently discovered on Spotify through the Discover Weekly feature. The below post would be an example:

Picture + Name/lyrics of the song  + 🎶  + hashtags


After gathering the data, I mapped these posts using the Mapbox JS library and I made each song playable on the same window. This is the result:


Below I explain the process of collecting and mapping the data: 

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126 graphics that explain 7 months of my life

After seven months, I will stop publishing My #brummie daily graphic on Instagram. The challenge, explained in this previous post, was to come up with a picture, a graphic or both to visually summarise my days while studying Online Journalism at Birmingham City University.

I posted 126 pictures from October until May. Throughout these months, my Instagram account had a post almost every day. However, this regularity started to disappear due to the lack of interactivity and publishing when combining photos and charts.

I have been storing these posts in a spreadsheet with the Instagram URL and the description. After that, I have been assigning a general topic to each publication.

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Instagram, a community for igers and microblog for the media

Instagram was launched in 2010. After a year, 10 million people were using it and on September 2015, this platform recorded 400 million monthly active users. In the United Kingdom, 14 million people use Instagram every month.

Instagram numbers

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My #brummie daily graphic

I am starting a new project on Instagram called My #brummie daily graphic. I would like to record my year in Birmingham as a diary while studying at Birmingham City University. At the end of the day, I will have the challenge to visualise my daily data as an infographic, some days more creative than others.

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