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[MUSIC MAP] My summer through Instagram pictures and Spotify songs

I have been experimenting with Instagram, again. This time, I have established a relationship between a picture of the day and a song recently discovered on Spotify through the Discover Weekly feature. The below post would be an example:

Picture + Name/lyrics of the song  + 🎶  + hashtags


After gathering the data, I mapped these posts using the Mapbox JS library and I made each song playable on the same window. This is the result:


Below I explain the process of collecting and mapping the data: 

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3 useful sources to add interactivity to your website

This post is for beginners (like me) that are learning HTML, CSS and Javascript. Below are three useful websites to embed maps, charts and timelines to your HTML or Javascript code and will help you (me) to not get crazy.

I have used an online editor called Codepen, where you can get a real-time preview of your code, to show some examples.

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