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FFunction: the ‘Left Behind’ team

FFunction, a data visualisation studio based in Montreal, elaborated this project about the girls’ education in Africa. It analyses the schools’ conditions and how a lack of quality education jeopardises their future.

Audrée Lapierre, Creative Director of FFunction, talks about the process and structure of this engaging storytelling.

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5 great data visualisation pieces from outside the newsroom

Data journalism usually relies on data visualisations and interactive graphics to convey information and stories. Read 24 questions about data journalism post on the Online Journalism blog to know more about it.

Not only newsrooms are using these visualisations to share information, but also creative agencies or companies. I have gathered 5 good examples from outside the newsroom to learn and interact:

1. The Refugee Project

The Refugees ProjectInteractive map designed by Hyperakt, Ekene Ijeoma (Desktop Development) and Oak (Mobile Development) about the refugees migrations since 1975. It includes historical explanations to some large movements and events to contextualise them.

Data collected from UNHCR Refugee Data and UN Population Data.


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