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What I learned on misleading data and visualizations at Alberto Cairo’s #visualTrumpery event

Trumpery is not linked to a famous politician. It means something flashy or beautiful, but without content. This is how Doctor Alberto Cairo started his talk in Barcelona last Friday on data visualizations and the challenge of truthful information.

Below 5 takeaways from the event to data journalists on their attitude towards teaching the audience to properly interprete graphs and visualizations:

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Instagram sketches: How can chatbots be more friendly?

Chatbots are on the first stage of experimenting through APIs, voice and messaging apps. However, last conferences such as the Web Summit in Portugal, the Chatbot Conference in Vienna or the API days in Barcelona have raised awareness on design and personalities to create more human interactions:

Efforts on choosing platforms or technologies to build chatbots shouldn’t override the conversation between the robot and a human. For this reason, accessing the chatbot is as important as drawing the conversation through flowcharts, mindmaps or storyboards. Could “Sorry, I didn’t understand your reply” be more friendly and approachable?

Instagram is an interesting platform that not only focuses on photography but also drawings. Below I have gathered some examples of chatbot storyboards that present customised scenarios between bots and users:

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FFunction: the ‘Left Behind’ team

FFunction, a data visualisation studio based in Montreal, elaborated this project about the girls’ education in Africa. It analyses the schools’ conditions and how a lack of quality education jeopardises their future.

Audrée Lapierre, Creative Director of FFunction, talks about the process and structure of this engaging storytelling.

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Instagram, a community for igers and microblog for the media

Instagram was launched in 2010. After a year, 10 million people were using it and on September 2015, this platform recorded 400 million monthly active users. In the United Kingdom, 14 million people use Instagram every month.

Instagram numbers

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