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How to: create maps with filters from Google spreadsheets in 6 steps

I just discovered Mapping Sheets, an add-on to your Google Spreadsheets to plot your data into a map with filters and columns without coding skills.

Here I explain how to do it in 6 steps:

1. Get Mapping Sheets on Google Chrome web store.

2. Create a spreadsheet or re-use an existing one

Make sure that the spreadsheet contains the location (latitude and longitude).



3. Go to Add-ons -> Mapping Streets


4. Select the columns that contain the title, the information that you want to filter and the location of the markers.


And click Build!

5. View the map and customise the information


6. Use the filters and the search box to look for the data


Take some time to check the information on the filters by location and type, you can always go back and change the columns.

Do you have more examples? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @mcrosasb


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